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Can an EB-5 Loan be Paid Back Early to the New Commercial Enterprise?

Posted by Phil Cohen on Mon, Jan 05, 2015 @ 07:54 AM

On the USCIS |EB-5 Stakeholder's call on December 5th, 2014, a question was asked pertaining to an EB-5 investment made in to a New Commercial Enterprise, which is subsequently loaned to a separate Job Creating Enterprise.  The question asked was whether the investor's EB-5 capital still be considered to be “sustained” if the Job Creating Enterprise successfully creates the jobs and is then sold to another party before the I-829 stage. USCIS did not address this question directly, however, later on, another attendee commented that if the Job Creating Enterprise is sold or liquidated and loaned funds (i.e. EB-5 money) are paid back to the New Commercial Enterprise, those funds should be considered to be “sustained” (in the commentator’s opinion), as long as EB-5 investor redemption has not occurred.  

This is a position that we have heard before from members of the EB-5 community, but we invite readers of this blog to comment on whether they have seen this approach used successfully.  Please let us know if you or anyone you know has had any experience with this method.  


Phil Cohen is the founder and President of Strategic Element, a company that focuses on developing regional centers, EB-5 business plans, economic impact reports, feasibility studies and custom 'direct' EB-5 projects for its clients (www.strategicelementconsulting.com). 


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